Chess Betting

Chess is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in the world. The major chess tournaments continue to attract a lot of attention from all over the world. Betting companies are not neglecting the sport either and continue to accept bets. Chess betting is gaining more and more attention. Since the launch of Queen’s Gambit, this sport of intelligence, skill and strategy has become even more popular.

We have prepared a guide to the best chess bets to help you get started. In this article you will find not only the best chess betting companies, but also some chess betting tips for new players and experienced bettors. We hope this will help you get started with the fun of chess betting. We will explain how to interpret the odds and show you which are the most popular chess tournaments in the world.

How to bet on chess in India

Betting on chess in India is similar to any other type of sports betting, such as betting on the results of cricket matches in the Indian Premier League. When betting on the winner of a chess event, the predicted winner is chosen in the same way as betting on the winner of a tournament such as the Football Premier League.

After determining what to bet on, your next step is to make a decision on what bets to use. For bets with large winnings, players may want to place larger bets to try to maximize their earnings. However, if there is little confidence in the winnings of the bet, smaller bets may be a better choice.

  • Find a chess betting site

There are many chess betting companies to choose from. You can pick from the ones we have listed. Visit any of them and register.

  • Fund your account

After choosing a chess betting company, you will need to create an account. Start depositing funds and place your chess bets. Choose a payment method that you like and that suits you to do so. Also, check out the bonuses or promotions section. Usually well-known bookmakers offer welcome bonuses for new players.

  • Start betting on chess tournaments

With a healthy bankroll, you can now browse for any chess tournament of your choice and place a bet. We recommend reading up on the match you want to bet on beforehand, as knowledge about the game will help you make better bets. There are probably a variety of chess leagues and tournaments available for betting in India, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones in the next section.

Chess Betting Tournaments

Chess is not the most popular sport to bet on in India, but there are a few different tournaments that may be of interest to people considering betting on chess. Chess has several major tournaments every year that attract chess bettors. The most important is the Chess World Cup, where sports bettors from around the world compete against each other. Most of the major chess tournaments are held overseas, as chess is a universal strategy game.

Sports bettors who bet on chess may consider the World Cup, the Chess World Championships and the Chess Olympiad as the main events for chess betting. No matter which tournament you choose to bet on, online betting sites offer the best odds for all your chess betting needs.

  • Tata Steel Chess Tournament

This tournament is held annually in January in Vik Anze, Netherlands, and Indian chess star Anand went unbeaten in 70 consecutive matches between 1998 and 2004, when he was at the top of his game. Magnus Carlsen, sometimes referred to as the Wimbledon of chess, is the player in the chess world who has won the most Tata Steel chess tournaments.

Held every two years, it is one of the most popular chess tournaments. The Chess Olympiad has been held since 1924 and has a long and proud history dating back to the failed attempt to get chess included in the Olympics. Teams from countries representing all over the world compete in the Chess Olympiad, which makes it different from many other chess tournaments where players represent only individuals.

  • World Chess Championship

attracts the most world attention to the sport. The event is held once a year and pits the reigning world champion against the challenger, the winner of the Candidates Championship. Although it is open to everyone, it has a separate women’s division and also a junior division. The grand prize is close to £895,000. Players are eligible to play in the FIDE Grand Prix Tournament Championship.

  • Grand Chess Tournament

The tour is held once a year and consists of 5-8 tournaments that run from August through September. These tournaments are always changing. Sometimes they also include major chess events, such as the London Chess Classic.

Chess Betting Types

Compared to other sports, there is not as much of a market for chess betting. Knowing this, most chess betting companies will probably add some betting options, especially if a big event is going on. But other than that, the number of markets you can bet on chess games is limited.

You can bet at different bookmakers on the total number of moves of the game or whether the game will end with a special extra game ( fast chess, blitz chess, doomsday chess). However, there are more specific and common conclusions in this sport.

  • Outcome bets (bets on P1 or P2)

This is the most traditional and most common online chess betting market. Better known as win-lose betting, it is also a feature of chess betting. Most chess sportsbooks offer the option of winners, losers, and draws. Your job is to accurately predict who will win the game. Outcome betting allows you to bet on a draw rather than a win for either side. An exact prediction will make you some money. These types of bets are rare.

  • Double Chance ( bet on 1X or 2X )

This is an option that is used by more careful players. This is because it allows a particular opponent to avoid loss in the game. He will either win the game or tie it. If you select 1X, you will win your bet if that player wins or ties the game. Since this is the most reserved bet, the odds are usually lower than the next bet.

  • Handicap bet (bet on 0)

This bet also implies that the designated match participant avoids at least a complete defeat. However, in the case of a handicap of 0, this is very different from a double chance bet. If the match ends in a draw, you will be reimbursed for your initial bet, instead of winning your bet.

  • Magnus Carlsen vs. Fielder

Magnus Carlsen is a difficult chess player to beat. Therefore, every time he plays in a chess betting tournament, the bookies give you two choices, to support him or to oppose him. In most cases, it is usually Magnus Carlsen against the other player. Your selection determines who you prefer to win the tournament.

Some betting companies can offer bets on the future of chess. For example success against a competitor not just in one match, but throughout the entire tournament. Major tournaments such as the FIDE Grand Prix, the World Chess Championship, and other major matches around the world can also be bet on at chess betting sites.

Chess Betting Sites

Online chess betting is best done at a trustworthy sportsbook. First, they are licensed to give gaming services. Second, they will provide you with globe distinguished chess competitions. Third, they will pay the jackpots promptly. Choose from the list listed below if you require a sportsbook that can offer you all of this and also more. Below are a few brands to look out for.

  • Megapari

Megapari was founded in 2019 and is a serious sportsbook. Megapari’s platform shows you all the goodies of the neatly designed and arranged chess world. It has a great deal of top events, in-play features, quick payment handling, and also competitive chess odds. If you like chess, then Megapari is a good selection for you.

  • 22Bet

This is among the most just recently launched online betting facilities. 22Bet joined us in 2018 as well as has actually made a great perception since then. 22Bet is a sportsbook that offers a wide array of sporting occasions, consisting of major chess tournaments. Additionally, you will get nice bonus offers and also locate several features that will make your wagers settle.

  • Paripesa

Paripesa is among the very appreciated sportsbooks in the market today. The betting solutions it offers are unrivaled. Paripesa has a wide range of sporting activities betting markets as well as the most up to date payment techniques for faster down payments and withdrawals. Amazing chess games, a wide range of repayment options, and also an easy enrollment process. You can additionally download its app as well as delight in chess betting on the go.

  • LV Bet

LV Bet was founded in 2016. LV Bet has a long list of sports with incredible bonuses on them. By regularly using great chances, leading quality as well as exceptional customer support, it has taken care of to take its area in the betting industry. Find all the current chess competitions at LV Bet and, thanks to its rewarding chess odds, anticipate to make an excellent profit if your bet wins.

Chess Betting Tips

Catch-up betting appears to be tailor-made for chess, as it works very well here. This is the biggest strategy in chess tournaments. Chess is the only sport where players’ long-term results are relatively uncommon. Since a player can have a maximum of 20 games in a chess tournament, you always have the chance to use this strategy. However, it is important to notice that the catch-up strategy is also the riskiest one.

The catch-up strategy involves adding to your investment in the same market after each loss to cover the losses from previous bets and make a profit. If you bet on a player to win, you would keep investing more and more after each loss until that person finally wins. After each loss, adding to your bet to the point where a win would guarantee a profit, regardless of prior losses.

Tie-betting can be a simple and most effective method in chess. In chess, ties between two masters are much more frequent than when one of the opponents wins. In this case, the “safety net” can also be used for betting on one of the players with a zero handicap. This is another bet that pays you if you win, and refunds your deposit if the result is a tie. A handicap bet has lower odds than an outright win or loss, but the added safety net may make it worth it, specially in chess.

For example, in a P1 vs P2 match, you win P1 with a handicap of 0. If the match ends in a draw, the bookie will refund the amount of your bet. You can use this strategy all the time until the player starts winning. You can look forward to chess matches in which the players do not have any kind of long winning streaks.

Can chess betting possible win constantly

As mentioned earlier, there is no so-called double-win strategy in chess or any other sport. In order to reduce your risk to a minimum, you must first have a comprehensive understanding of the sport you intend to bet on. Chess is a distinct game. Besides the rules, you must know the state of mind of the player, his habits, and even the weather conditions. After all, a master’s health can suffer in bad weather, and chess is a game of logic that requires a high degree of concentration.

Having the necessary information, observing the game, and following the general conditions of the chess world can greatly improve your chances of winning.