Is it possible to be addicted to online chess?

Are you thinking about playing online chess and fretted that you might come to be addicted? Or are you already playing online chess and also think your habit is leaving control? Online chess can be addictive, although the extent of online chess dependency in the population is not known. Online chess addiction can be quite rare, but right here is some details to help you learn everything you need to find out about online chess and also its addicting nature.

Online chess addiction would be a behavioral dependency

This would be identified as a behavioral addiction (an addiction based upon actions – such as gambling, over-eating, workaholism, etc) as opposed to a physical addiction (an addiction based on the usage of drugs), which may likewise be referred to as material reliance. People who are addicted to something can not manage their requirement to do something, and they find it tough to handle their every day lives if they can refrain from doing it. This is the difference in between a “bad habit” and also an “dependency”.

Is online chess addictive?

There is no uncertainty that numerous online chess players find themselves playing long hrs of chess every day, however does that mean they are addicted? If an online chess player would instead play chess, he or she is not compelled to invest time with pals. The act of playing chess online just ends up being a dependency when it comes to be a problem as well as triggers mental or physical damages.

If you play online chess all day long while sitting in the same chair as well as never ever communicating with others. We can see that you are addicted to playing chess online.

The utmost examination for addiction is very straightforward. Eliminate the resource of the addiction and see how very easy it is to operate without it. Someone addicted to online chess that is informed to go out for the day and leave their tool in the house will certainly end up being distressed as well as overwhelmed, and also they will certainly keep thinking about playing as opposed to appreciating their time in other useful ways.

Not every player that begins playing online chess will find themselves addicted to it. The author plays a great deal of games online, however still manages to locate as well as work time for social activities and other hobbies. After a few weeks of not playing a solitary game, there is no distress.

What are the symptoms of online chess addiction?

You should be able to recognize some of the adhering to issues if you are worried that your online chess having fun may be transforming right into an addiction.

  • Feeling guilty as well as embarrassed of your issues
  • Lying about your behavior (I don’t play that much! Just playing one more game!)
  • Rejecting that they have an issue, even if they assume they do
  • Due to the fact that their addiction is more essential, missing essential tasks
  • Fighting more often with their friends and family, even if it’s not directly pertaining to their addiction
  • Have disrupted sleep and may fantasize or believe regarding their addiction frequently in bed
  • Neglectingon your own, not cleaning as well as consuming appropriately

Even if you have all of the above signs and symptoms, it does not imply that you are an addict. If your online chess actions is addictive is to seek a medical diagnosis from a properly qualified mental health expert, the only way to know.

You can not get an exact medical diagnosis online or through self-assessment, nevertheless, the initial step in dealing with any addiction, consisting of dependency to online chess, is to acknowledge that there is a problem. We highly urge you to seek aid and an official medical diagnosis if you have actually reached this stage of our post as well as feel you have an issue.

How to deal with online chess addiction?

There is no one detailed answer. Behavior addiction is a reasonably brand-new concept, which implies that the market is continuously advancing in its approach to medical diagnosis and also treatment. A psychological health and wellness expert can help you understand what is driving your actions and then assist you create methods to manage or reduce it.


Although it is feasible to end up being addicted to online chess, most individuals do not. Numerous online chess players claim that just moving the emphasis of their game from online to real-life chess helps them to manage their issues, as well as this is fairly feasible.

We do not believe it is a prevalent dependency, and the large bulk of online chess players just discover it fun and also treat it as a few other leisure activity. Definitely, it is not created to be as addictive as online gambling. It’s simply that in some cases, any leisure activity can be addicting to some individuals. If you do believe you are ending up being addicted to online chess and you are worried regarding the results ofyour behavior on your life or health, then the most effective point to do is to look for expert assistance.