How do you view the debate about chess cheating?

Chess typically makes headlines just for reasons aside from the game itself. For example, Bobby Fischer’s peculiarity. Victor Korchnoi accused the Soviet Union of using hypnotherapy to undermine him in his 1978 world championship suit. The toilet-gate mess that messed up the 2006 world champion suit, and more.

Currently, reigning world champion Magnus Carlsen has put chess back in the limelight by calling into question the game of 19-year-old American grandmaster Hans Niemann.

Carlsen was defeated and withdrew from the tournament

Carlsen has been the world champion because 2013. Niemann is a novice who has recently made incredible development.

Niemann is a charismatic figure. He claimed he committed his life to confirming his critics wrong when they claimed he wasn’t good enough. Niemann was developing late at the age of 17, and also his rise to the degree of very master was a smooth one.

The controversy appeared when Niemann defeated Carlsen in last month’s Sinquefield Cup. Niemann claimed he in some way guessed what opening Carlsen would certainly play. Some of his advocates loaded in the blanks, asserting Niemann had the assistance of a calculator.

The two face off again at the tournament

Carlsen and Niemann met again in an online suit last month. The world champion resigned with a bang after taking only one step. Carlsen stated he was reluctant to play somebody who had actually cheated several times in the past, and also he believed the young man had actually ripped off more times than he had actually confessed.

Niemann admitted to cheating online as a teen. Urged he never ever cheated on the board and also angrily refuted the cases. Yet Niemann certainly should not be condemned for his younger misdeed in the game. When he defeated Carlsen, there is no proof that he ripped off.

He is wrong to muddy the Niemann waters without significant evidence. Nigel Short, a previous British world champion challenger, said the young American was at risk of “fatality by insinuation. Professionals think that Carlsen played incredibly terribly in the loss to Niemann.


Carlsen requires to reveal concrete proof. Ideally as component of the FIDE examination announced on Thursday, or to permit Niemann to continue his profession. Only through long-term play will the genuine strength of the latter become apparent.